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The Catholic Biblical Association of America Presents
the Annual

Emerging Scholars Fellowship

The Catholic Biblical Association of America (CBA) invites applications for its annual Emerging Scholars Fellowship. This award is a graduate student award given to emerging scholars who show promise and appear likely to make significant contributions to the field of Biblical studies. The CBA is a scholarly organization devoted to supporting biblical scholars from all traditions. Researchers share their scholarship during the Association's Annual Meeting and in its publications (Catholic Biblical Quarterly and the CBQ Monograph Series).

The award enables Fellows to attend the Annual General Meeting of the CBA, to present their scholarship, and enjoy the company and conversation of scholars in the field.

The award consists of:

    • up to $750 travel reimbursement for travel to the conference
    • conference registration
    • room and board (onsite) at the conference provided at host institution
    • one year of associate membership in the CBA including a subscription to The Catholic Biblical Quarterly.
    • honorarium of $200

The award is contingent on attending and presenting at the CBA Annual General Meeting. At the meeting, fellows will present their papers and have the opportunity to encounter high-quality scholarship and a hospitable environment in which to develop relationships with other scholars in the discipline.

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Emerging Scholars Fellowship Evaluating Committee

The Executive Board will establish an Evaluators Group consisting of 5 NT and 5 OT scholars who would be willing and available to serve on the Fellowship Selection Committee. These are to be Full Members of the Association. Each year 3 NT scholars and 3 OT scholars will compose the Committee to evaluate the entries in addition to the Chair who does not have a vote. Each year, one member will rotate off and be replaced with another member from the Evaluators Group. If there are a large number of entries more members can be added from the list of eligible members on a pro tem basis.


Chair:  Stephen D. Ryan, O.P. 

Old Testament Evaluators

  • Gary Anderson
  • Richard J. Bautch
  • T. J. Jeremy Corley
  • Deirdre A. Dempsey
  • Joseph E. Jensen

New Testament Evaluators

  • Martin C. Albl
  • Sherri L. Brown
  • Wendy Cotter, C.S.J.
  • Florence Morgan Gillman
  • Michael Patella, O.S.B.

2017 Evaluators

  • Stephen D. Ryan, O.P. (Chair)
  • Richard J. Bautch (OT)
  • T. J. Jeremy Corley (OT)
  • Deirdre A. Dempsey (OT)
  • Martin C. Albl (NT)
  • Sherri L. Brown (NT)
  • Florence Morgan Gillman (NT)