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CBQ Recent Issues - Table of Contents

Catholic Biblical Quarterly - Recent Issues

Vol. 79, No. 3 (July 2017)

Pages . Author/Editor . Article Title
385-401   Mahri Leonard-Fleckman   Stones from Heaven and Celestial Tricks: The Battle at Gibeon in Joshua 10
402-421   Aaron Koller   Pornography or Theology? The Legal Background, Psychological Realism, and Theological Import of Ezekiel 16
422-437   Christopher B. Zeichmann   The Date of Mark's Gospel apart from the Temple and Rumors of War: The Taxation Episode (12:13-17) as Evidence
438-454   Jeffrey W. Aernie   Faith, Judgment, and the Life of the Believer: A Reassessment of 2 Corinthians 5:6-10
455-475   Tim O'Donnell   The Rhetorical Strategy of 1 Timothy
476-497   Scott D. Mackie   Visually Oriented Rhetoric and Visionary Experience in Hebrews 12:1-4
498-533   David Bosworth and
Mary Ann Beavis
  Book Reviews
534-550   .   Collected Essays
551-554   .   Books Received

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Vol. 79, No. 2 (April 2017)

Pages . Author/Editor . Article Title
187-204   Scott B. Noegel   Evil Looms: Delilah--Weaver of Wicked Wiles
205-221   Oded Tammuz   Psalm 78: A Case Study in Redaction as Propaganda
222-239   Garrick V. Allen   Zechariah's Horse Visions and Angelic Intermediaries: Translation, Allusion, and Transmission in Early Judaism
240-260   Richard J. Dillon   A Narrative Analysis of the Baptist's Nativity in Luke 1
261-281   Michael Pope   The Downward Motion of Jesus' Sweat and the Authenticity of Luke 22:43-44
282-298   Patrick E. Spencer   "Mad" Rhoda in Acts 12:12-17: Disciple Exemplar
299-316   Charles H. Cosgrove   Banquet Ceremonies Involving Wine in the Greco-Roman World and Early Christianity
317-318   .   Biblical News
319-353   David Bosworth and
Mary Ann Beavis
  Book Reviews
354-369   .   Collected Essays
370-374   .   Books Received

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