Open-Access Policy

The Catholic Biblical Association of America Open-Access Policy

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The Catholic Biblical Association of America (CBA) has established this open-access policy for authors whose work is published in the Catholic Biblical Quarterly (CBQ) and in the Catholic Biblical Quarterly Monograph Series (CBQMS). The goal of this policy is to make the CBA's publications accessible to the widest possible audience, while ensuring the CBA's sustainability as a publisher.

In addition to these core principles of accessibility and sustainability, there are other factors that have provided the impetus for this policy: (1) the CBA's recognition of authors' rights to their scholarship; (2) the increased availability of scholarship in digital format; and (3) authors' desire to make their scholarship available through personal or institutional web sites; (4) the CBA's responsibility to honor its contractual obligations to academic databases, and (5) the CBA's obligation to preserve the original final copy accepted for publication.

The CBA distinguishes between three versions of a manuscript, which represent different levels of its involvement in the work:

 In summary:

  1. The CBA retains the copyright of the accepted and final typeset material.
  2. Authors have rights to their material (generally CBQ articles / OTA reviews) to publish to websites (personal or institutional, including for archival purposes) as long as the conditions listed in this document are adhered to. Republication with anyone other than the CBA is forbidden.
  3. After the 18-month period of embargo, the author is free to use the material as long as the full and proper citation is given and the material is for non-commercial use only. No formal permission is required from the CBA.
  4. The CBA prohibits an author from authorizing a third-party to distribute the author's material.
  5. An institution's right to non-commercial use of  an author's material is dependent on the permission of the author (as long as this permission is in compliance with the CBA's policy). This permission can be revoked by the author at any time.
  6. This policy does not cover CBQMS publications. These works cannot be republished or distributed under any form other than that formally approved by the CBA.
  7. For commercial use of any material published by CBA, formal permission from the CBA is required. The form is found at the CBA website under Publications.