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Emerging Scholars Fellowship Evaluating Committee

The Executive Board will establish an Evaluators Group consisting of 5 NT and 5 OT scholars who would be willing and available to serve on the Fellowship Selection Committee. These are to be Full Members of the Association. Each year 3 NT scholars and 3 OT scholars will compose the Committee to evaluate the entries in addition to the Chair who does not have a vote. Each year, one member will rotate off and be replaced with another member from the Evaluators Group. If there are a large number of entries more members can be added from the list of eligible members on a pro tem basis.

2017 Evaluators

  • Stephen D. Ryan, O.P. (Chair)
  • Richard J. Bautch (OT)
  • T. J. Jeremy Corley (OT)
  • Deirdre A. Dempsey (OT)
  • Martin C. Albl (NT)
  • Sherri L. Brown (NT)
  • Florence Morgan Gillman (NT)