Officers and Committees 2017-2018

Executive Board

Committee on Membership 

Committee on Nominations

Committee on Finance and Investment

Committee on the Program for the Annual General Meeting

Committee on Research Support

Committee on Resolutions

Committee on Technology and Outreach

Committee on Liaison with the USCCB

The terms of office for the editorial boards of the CBQ, CBQMS, and OTA begin with the calendar year.
Click here to see a separate webpage listing the names of the current members of these editorial boards.

§  Angela Kim Harkins, Chair (2015-18)

§  Martin Albl (2015-18)

§  Karin Martin Hogan (2015-17)

§  Ellen White, O.P. (2015-17)

§  John J. Clabeaux (2015-16)

§  Seamus O'Connell (2015-16)

§  Joseph Atkinson, ex officio