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Encomium on the CBA's 75th Anniversary

CBA Encomium – by Prof. Amy-Jill Levine – July 29, 2012

(not for citation without permission, and absolution)

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John Clabeaux has asked me to address the topic, “what is great and worthwhile about the CBA?” Were all the excellent things this organization does to be recorded, “I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.” But John, that is, Clabeaux, not the other one, allotted me 15 minutes.

I am tasked with preparing an encomium, which is, inter alia, the eighth exercise in the progymnasmata series. Of course, the idea of anything pro-gym or dealing with exercise is antithetical to me – I get my exercise by schlepping my laptop to my office, running down sources, and making leaps of faith. The only vault I find of interest is the unopened one in the basement of the Catholic University building that houses the CBA office. But, I shall take the “when in Rome…” approach and adapt this talk to the encomium form.

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Retirement of Fr. Joseph Jensen, O.S.B.

CBA-JensenFr. Joseph Jensen, O.S.B., retired this summer from his position as Executive Secretary of the Catholic Biblical Association of America, which he ably served for 42 years (from 1970 to 2012).

Several tributes were given to Fr. Jensen at a special Banquet dinner at CBA's 2012 Annual International Meeting, hosted by the University of Notre Dame. In case you missed this meeting, you can see and/or read some of the tributes here:

* Slide Show Tribute to Fr. Jensen - in PowerPoint format

* Tribute to Fr. Jensen, by Dr. Mark S. Smith - in PDF format

Summary Report - Ad Hoc Committee

Summary Report of an Ad Hoc Committee
of the Catholic Biblical Association of America
on Catholic Bible Study Programs

Click here to read or download the 3-page report (in PDF format)

CBQMS: Newest Volumes

The CBA is pleased to announce the publication of the two newest volumes in our "CBQ Monograph Series":


No. 50 (2013): Richard J. Dillon, The Hymns of St. Luke: Lyricism and Narrative Strategy in Luke 1—2, $15 (members $12).

No. 49 (2013): Aaron J. Koller, The Semantic Field of Cutting Tools in Ancient Israel, $32 (members $25.60).

To order please see the main page of the CBQMS section of this website.

Long-awaited Biography of Kathryn Sullivan, R.S.C.J.

A biography of Kathryn Sullivan, R.S.C.J., has been completed by Carolyn Osiek, R.S.C.J., and published by the Society of the Sacred Heart. Mother Sullivan (1905–2006), then Professor at Manhattanville College, was the first woman member (1947) and first woman officeholder (1958) in the CBA, a founding editor of The Bible Today (1962), director of the CBA Audio-visual Project of the 1950s and 60s, editor of the CBQ Decennial Index for several pre-computer decades, and co-editor of the first English-language Catholic Bible Encyclopedia (1956). Read more: Long-awaited Biography of Kathryn Sullivan, R.S.C.J.