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Recently Deceased Members

SchaubR. Thomas Schaub - October 19, 2015

Please pray for the repose of R. Thomas Schaub, who passed from this life at the age of 82. Dr. R. Thomas Schaub, archaeologist, co-director of the Expedition to the Dead Sea Plain in Jordan and author of numerous publications on the Expedition, died on October 19th, 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA.  He became an active member of CBA in 1968. Schaub and his co-director Dr. Walter Rast established the Expedition to the Dead Sea Plain in order to explore a series of archaeological sites located along the southeastern shore of the Dead Sea dated to the earliest period of urbanization in the region, the late fourth through the third millennium BCE. The Early Bronze Age inhabitants of these sites buried their dead with great care in some of the largest ancient cemeteries excavated in the Levantine corridor of the Middle East, and later settled two walled towns nearby, called Bab adh-Dhra' and Numayra, that endured for many centuries. Through a series of excavations from 1975 to 1990, Schaub and Rast led a multi-disciplinary expedition team dedicated to understanding the daily life of the people who built some of the earliest fortified towns, their struggles to adapt to the environment, the form of their societies and  their beliefs.

Following the excavations, Schaub and Rast synthesized their findings in Bab edh-Dhra': Excavations in the Cemetery Directed by Paul Lapp (1989) and Bab edh-Dhra': Excavations at the Town Site (1975–1981) (2003), both published by Eisenbrauns, as well as in scores of scholarly articles. As an early proponent and leader of multi-disciplinary archaeological research and academic collaboration, Schaub mentored many young scholars. He pioneered the use of statistical and petrographic analyses to establish Early Bronze Age pottery typologies, contributing to the establishment of the chronological foundation for urbanization in the region. His contributions to the field were honored in the 2011 volume Daily Life, Materiality and Complexity in Early Urban Communities of the Southern Levant: Papers in Honor of Walter E. Rast and R. Thomas Schaub, edited by Dr. Meredith S. Chesson.


James P.M. Walsh, S.J. - June 30, 2015JPMWalsh

Please keep in your prayers, James P.M. Walsh, S.J., who passed away on Tuesday, June 30, 2015. An Active Member of CBA since 1979, he was Publishing Editor of CBQ in 1990 and served on the NAB Old Testament Revision Commission from 1994-2001.

Father Walsh studied Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, and Sacred Scripture at Harvard. He received his Ph.D. (Theology) from Harvard in 1978. He taught at Georgetown University for over forty years and was well known as a member of The Georgetown Chimes, the University's all-male a cappella singing group. Father Walsh was celebrating his sixtieth anniversary as a Jesuit, and his forty-fifth anniversary of ordination to the priesthood.

Aelred Cody, O.S.B. - May 11, 2015aelred

Please pray for the repose of Aelred Cody, O.S.B. who passed from this life at the age of 87.
Fr. Aelred became an active member of CBA in 1964 and was Associate Editor and General Editor of Catholic Biblical Quarterly from 1987-1992 and 1993-2000, respectively.

In 2003 the CBA members elected him as the association's Vice-President and then as President the following year. Fr. Aelred's distinguished career included an appointment as consultor to the Holy See for the opening session of the Mixed Study Commission of the Roman Catholic Church and the World Alliance of Reformed Churches.


Schneider BernardinBernardin V. Scheider, O.F.M. - January 8, 2015

Please pray for the repose of Bernardin V. Schneider, O.F.M. who passed on at the age of 97 on January 8, 2015. His contribution to biblical studies has been widely noted, particularly in Japan where he lived most of his life.

Born in Louisville, KY onOctober 26, 1917, Bernie was ordained in 1944. A Franciscan Friar of St. John the Baptist Province, he studied theology at the Pontificia Universitas Antonianum from 146-49, receiving an S.T.L. in 1947 and an S.T.D. in 1951. He studied Scripture at Pontificio Istituto Biblico (1949-50) and Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, Jerusalem (1950-51), resulting in an S.S.L.

In 1952 Bernie was assigned to Japan where he remained until his death. While in Japan, he taught Scripture at Seibo no Kishi Seminary in Tokyo. As a professor at St. Anthony Seminary in Tokyo (1954-96), he taught moral theology, Scripture, and biblical languages. From 1956-2002, Bernie served as Director of Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, Tokyo, 1956-2002. From 1969-87, Bernie was co-chair of the editorial commission that produced of the Japanese Interconfessional translation of the Bible.

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