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Memorials for Deceased Members of the CBA

"Blessed are the dead who from now on die in the Lord." (Rev 14:13)

Please remember and pray for those who have gone before us.

If you are aware of the recent passing of a CBA member not mentioned below,
please inform the CBA office:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 202-319-5519


19-May-2015 Dr. David P. McCarthy memorial
11-May-2015 Rev. Aelred Cody, O.S.B.  memorial from Saint Meinrad's Archabbey
8-Jan-2015 Rev. Bernardin Schneider, OFM memorial from Franciscan Friars FaceBook page
19-Oct-2014 Dr. Roger W. Anderson memorial from The Daily News Online, Columbia WA
14-Jun-2014 Prof. Ellen B. Aitkenmemorial from McGill University
3-Jun-2014 Rev. Francis T. Gignac, S.J. – memorial from Jesuits Mid-West Province
1-May-2014 Rev. Claude Peifermemorial from St. Bede Abbey
7-Feb-2014 Rev. Daniel J. Harrington, S.J. – memorial from Jesuits New England Province
17-Nov-2013 Rev. Demetrius R. Dumm, from St. Vincent Archabbey
11-Nov-2013 Rev. Jerome Murphy-O’Connor, from Ecole Biblique
11-Nov-2013 Prof. Ernest S. Frerichsmemorial from Brown University
21-July-2013 Prof. John D.W. Wattsmemorial from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
11-July-2013 Prof. John H. Hayesmemorial from Emory University
9-July-2013 Rev. Francis J. Buckleymemorial from Catholic San Francisco
9-June-2013 Rev. Thomas Edmund Littlememorial from CathNews New Zealand
22-May-2013 Rev. Stephen J. Denig, from Niagara University
20-May-2013 Prof. Donald H. Wimmermemorial from ASOR
29-Jan-2013 Prof. Paul J. Achtemeiermemorial from Union Presbyterian Seminary
18-Jan-2013 Rev. Luke Steiner, from St. John's Abbey
20-Dec-2012 Rev. Joseph Lachowski, from CM
29-Nov-2012 Prof. Quentin Quesnellmemorial from Smith College
31-Aug-2012 Cardinal Carlo Martinimemorial from NY Times
9-June-2012 Rev. John P. Comiskeymemorial from Staten Island Live
24-March-2012 Rev. John Bernard Hibbittsmemorial from Dignity Memorial
14-Feb-2012 Rev. Stanley B. Marrow, from a former student
2-Feb-2012 Prof. Frederick William Dankermemorial from LSTC
20-Nov-2011 Rev. James C. Polichmemorial
4-Oct-2011 Rev. Samuel R. Parsons, from OP
13-Sept-2011 Prof. Frederick J. Murphy memorial from Boston Globe
11-Sept-2011 Sr. Marie Goldstein, R.S.H.M. memorial from RSHM
26-Aug-2011 Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic memorial from Archdiocese of Toronto
21-June-2011 Msgr. James J. Foley memorial
30-April-2011 Rev. Ryszard Rubinkiewicz, S.D.B. memorial (in Polish)
17-April-2011 Rev. George Edward Saladna memorial
2-April-2011 Sr. Mary Milligan, R.S.H.M. memorial from RSHM
7-March-2011 Carl R. Kazmierski memorial from Ottawa Citizen
4-Feb-2011 Robert Luckhart, from O.M.I.
2-Feb-2011 Susan Fournier Mathews memorial
18-Dec-2010 John J. Bukovsky, S.V.D. memorial from SVD
28-Nov-2010 A. Graham Maxwell memorial
12-Nov-2010 Kenneth Morris, C.S.V. memorial from CSV
8-Oct-2010 Stephen C. Doyle, O.F.M. memorial
14-Aug-2010 John J. McDonnell, C.M. - memorial
24-July-2010 Lawrence Boadt, C.S.P. memorial from CSP or memorial from SBL
17-July-2010 Edward J. Hayes – memorial from The Catholic Sun
4-June-2010 Joseph Plevnik, S.J. memorial from SJ
13-May-2010 David B. Warner memorial
14-March-2010 Barbara Bowe, R.S.C.J. memorial from RSCJ or memorial from SBL
22-Jan-2010 Jonathan Bishop memorial
2010? James C. Kelly
21-Dec-2009 Peter F. Ellis memorial
5-July-2009 Thomas Clark Moore, O.P. memorial from OP
3-July-2009 James A. Rimbach memorial
10-Jan-2009 Henri Cazelles, S.S. memorial
2009? Xuan Huong Thi Pham
30-Nov-2008 David L. Dungan memorial
22-Aug-2008 David M. Scholer memorial
25-July-2008 Mary Timothy McHatten, O.P. memorial from OP
6-June-2008 John H.P. Reumann memorial
22-May-2008 Virgil Cordano, O.F.M. memorial
8-April-2008 David N. Freedman memorial from SBL
2008? John J. Dennehy
24-Dec-2007 Thomas Doyle, S.S. memorial from Sulpicians
4-Dec-2007 Marie Therese Archambault, O.S.F. memorial from Marquette
30-Nov-2007 John Strugnell memorial from SBL
19-Oct-2007 Joan Frances Gormley memorial from seminary
16-June-2007 Michael Patrick O'Connor memorial from SBL
2-June-2007 Robert North, S.J. memorial from SBL
1-Jan-2007 Joseph W. Gaspar, M.S.C. memorial
2007? Francis J. McCool, S.J.
2007? Edward F. Campbell, Jr.
22-Sept-2006 Kathryn Sullivan, R.S.C. memorial from RSCJ
15-July-2006 Ann Rita Murphy, G.N.S.H.
23-May-2006 Thomas A. Hoffman, S.J. memorial from SJ
2006? Zvonimir Izidor Herman, O.F.M. memorial

For corrections or additions to this list, please contact the CBA webmaster. Thanks!